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COVID-19 Information

This page is constantly being updated. Please check back frequently. 

Important Updates

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Recreation Center Policy Updates & Information

General Facility Policies

  • All recreation center employees temperatures will be taken daily and their health assessed. We encourage all patrons to self-assess their health and take their temperatures at home. If you feel unwell in any way, please stay home!
  • At this time, admission is limited to Seven Hills Recreation Center members, Seven Hills residents, and Parma residents only
  • Effective 6/21 - Parma Residents may purchase day passes with a valid ID
  • Any children 14 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult 
  • Masks are required (updated 7/8) in public spaces, but for your own safety, not suggested while working out
  • Please sanitize your hands upon entering the building, and on your way out
  • Please follow all posted procedures throughout the building 
  • Drinking fountains are currently out of order We ask that you bring your own water bottles
    • Bottle refill stations are available on the 1st floor near the Gathering Rooms, as well as on the Pool Deck
  • Chairs and tables in the hallway and gathering rooms have been removed at this time
  • The coffee program has temporarily been suspended

Basketball Court Policies

(Effective 6/21)

  • Gym 1 will be open for shooting hoops (EFFECTIVE 6/21)
    • Gym 2 is not open at this time
  • Games are NOT permitted at this time
  • Limit of three (3) people per hoop
  • You MUST bring your own basketball

Youth Basketball Program Policies




  • If your daughter/son does not feel well, please do not send them to practice.  
  • If anyone within your household has COVID-19 symptoms, please do not send your daughter/son to practice.  
  • Prior to practice you should help your daughter/son with a self symptom assessment.  
  • This is something that will take all of us to do to allow our kids to be able to have a basketball season and play games safely.


  • Athletes and spectator are to self-evaluate temperature checks at home prior to traveling to game site. If you or your athlete are feeling ill, please stay home.
  • Athletes must wear masks entering/exiting the facility and when not actively participating in the game.
  • Spectator must wear a mask at all times.
  • Each athlete is allowed one spectator.
  • Please do not arrive more than 8-10 minutes prior to your scheduled game times.
  • There will be a check in procedure at each facility. Please be patient and courteous these first couple of week.
  • At the conclusion of each game, please exit the facility in a timely manner so each staff could sanitize in between games.

Click HERE for the Guidelines regarding Youth, Collegiate, Amateur, Club and Professional Sports.

Fitness Floor Policies

  • There will be a designated Fitness Attendant. They will be helping everyone maintain social distancing as well as making sure that machines are sanitized between patrons
  • Every other machine has been placed out of order to encourage social distancing
  • We encourage you to sanitize machines and equipment before and after use

Locker Room Policies

  • Every third locker is available for use
  • Every other sink is out of order at this time
  • We encourage you to shower at home if possible. Showers will be sanitized every two hours
  • Please come as prepared for your workout as possible 
  • If possible, please bring a change of shoes so you are not wearing street shoes while working out
  • If something is marked out of order, please leave it out of order
    • If you need something specific, please speak to a staff member and we will do our best to help you!

Pool Area Policies

  • Please shower before entering the pool
  • Click HERE for the current pool schedule
  • Groups of different households must maintain social distancing
  • Please wear a face mask while not in the pool or hot tub
  • Street shoes are not permitted on deck
  • Please keep the pool deck/narrow passages clear
  • Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian
  • In the lap lanes, one person per lane with a 30-minute time limit
  • At this time, the hot tub is limited to 1 person/family (18 and over) at a time with a 10-minute time limit
  • Family seating is available on the green pool deck benches and the patio picnic tables
  • Indoor/outdoor chairs and tables must NOT be moved
  • Please spray and wipe down your tables and chairs after use
  • At this time, the sauna is out of order
  • Much like at your grocery store, there will be one-way traffic on the pool deck to minimize contact
  • When coming out of the locker rooms, please head left and follow the signs


Pool Patio Area Policies

  • Stay safe - Stay healthy - Stay 6-feet apart and 6-feet away from staff members too!
  • Wear a face mask covering your face and mouth
  • No gathering in group of different households
  • Please keep the area between the tables and chairs clear
  • Chairs/Family tables must NOT be moved
  • Please sanitize your chair/table after use
  • Lounge chairs must remain in the same spot with a 1-hour time limit
  • Family seating is available at the picnic tables with a 1-hour time limit
  • Enter the patio on the hot tub side and exit on the lifeguard chair side

Before & After Care Policies

  • Day Camps will be open following strict guidelines outlined by the Ohio Department of Health
  • Camp will be broken into small groups
  • There will be no more than 9 campers per group of school aged children
  • There will be no more than 8 campers in preschool camp
  • There will be no off-site field trips this year
  • Please click HERE for drop-off and pick-up policies
  • Registration can be done online or over the phone to help maintain social distancing

Adult Program Policies

  • Adult Programs resumed June 1st with the exception of Monday Evening Yoga, which will resume on June 15th
  • Jazzercise will take place in the Gym at this time
  • Based on the measurements of the room, to allow for social distancing, classes will be limited to no more than 11 participants
  • Classes will be first come first serve
  • Due to occupancy caps, please avoid coming earlier than necessary to class
    • Please do not linger after your class has finished
  • Please check our Facebook & website for updated schedules of classes, as some locations may have changed

Youth Program Policies

  • Current Rookie Athletics programs can be found HERE
  • Masks are required to and from the field/court for players
  • Masks are required at all times for spectators when it is impossible to keep a six-foot distance from those not in your immediate household.
    • Masks are required inside the building in public areas
  • Spectators and participants must conduct daily symptom assessments; anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home
  • No congregating is allowed after a class has ended

Senior Program Policies

  • Senior programming will continue June 1st
  • Click HERE for the November SilverSneaker's schedule
  • Chairs are placed to allow 6-feet between participants. Do NOT move these chairs
  • Wash or sanitize hands thoroughly before the start of class
  • At the end of class, please leave all equipment at your chair so it can be sanitized and put away

Playground Policies

  • Playgrounds will re-open in Seven Hills on June 15th
  • Please maintain social distancing
  • Please be sure to wash your hands before and after using playground equipment
  • Playgrounds will be sanitized in accordance with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health