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News and Press Release Archive

The following links are the News and Press Releases for the City of Seven Hills. Further links to past News and Press Releases can be found by selecting the year links below.

Press Releases

In The News

12/7/2022Planning Commission Cancellation Notice - December 7th
11/29/2022MEETING NOTICE: Public Hearing, November 29
11/16/2022Zoning Board - Cancellation - November 16, 2022
11/9/2022Planning Commission Cancellation Notice - November 9th
10/25/2022MEETING NOTICE: Public Hearing CDSG Oct. 25th
10/25/2022MEETING NOTICE: Public Hearing CDBG Oct. 25th
10/20/2022Non-Filing Letters Mailed
10/12/2022Zoning Board Agenda October 12, 2022
10/5/2022Planning Commission October 5th - Cancelled
9/22/2022Notice of Special Finance Committee Meeting - September 22
9/14/2022Zoning Board Agenda September 14, 2022
9/7/2022Planning Commission Cancellation - September 7th
9/1/2022September Hall of Fame Resident of the Month
8/19/2022Community Job Board - August
8/10/2022Zoning Board Agenda August 10, 2022
8/3/2022Planning Commission Agenda - August 3, 2022
7/24/2022Home Days Adorable Baby Contest Application
7/24/2022Home Days 3 on 3 Tournament Application
7/23/2022Home Days Dog Show Application
7/22/2022July Hall of Fame Resident of the Month
7/13/2022Zoning Board Agenda July 13th
7/6/2022Planning Commission Cancellation Notice - July 6th
6/15/2022Zoning Board Agenda - June 15th
6/8/2022Planning Commission Cancellation Notice - June 8th
6/1/2022June Hall of Fame Resident of the Month
5/31/2022Mayor Biasiotta's 2022 State of the City Address
5/17/2022Notice of Special Finance, Civil Service, and Personnel Committee Meeting - May 17th
5/11/2022Zoning Board Agenda May 11th, 2022
5/4/2022Planning Commission Agenda - May 4th, 2022
5/3/2022Change in Voting Location
5/1/2022May Hall of Fame Resident of the Month
4/15/2022Community Job Board - April
4/12/2022Notice of Special Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting - April 12th
4/1/2022April Hall of Fame Resident of the Month
3/9/2022Planning Commission Cancellation Notice - March 9th
3/1/2022March Hall of Fame Resident of the Month
2/16/2022Zoning Board Agenda February 16, 2022
2/15/2022MEETING NOTICE: Budget Hearings
2/9/2022Planning Commission Agenda - February 9th
2/9/2022Pre-Application Meeting Notice
2/4/2022Seven Hills Recreation Center Delayed Opening
2/4/2022Snow Parking Ban Extended through Friday, February 4th
2/3/2022Seven Hills Recreation Center Closing at 1pm
2/1/2022Winter Storm Update
1/24/2022Civil Service Eligibility List
1/12/2022Zoning Board Agenda - January 12th
1/6/2022Notice of Special Finance Committee Meeting
1/5/2022Planning Commission Agenda - January 5th