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Rubbish Pickup

Rubbish pick up is provided through our City contractor Waste Management.  Waste Management provides one 96 gallon rubbish container to each household.  Place your container with the lid opening towards the street with a minimum of three feet between each container.  Please contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018 for broken containers or if you need a 2nd container.  Waste Management will supply an extra Solid Waste or Recycle cart to any resident that requests an additional cart.  The cost for the cart will be paid for by the resident.

Schedule a bulk pickup by calling Waste Management at 866-797-9018 or the Service Department at 216-525-6225. Fabric furniture, mattresses and box springs MUST be wrapped in plastic.  Carpet should be no longer than 4’ bundled and tied.

Trash pickup is provided once per week per household.  Please have your items to the curb by 7AM the day of your pick up and no sooner than 4:00PM the night before.

The container shall be stored in a building or if stored in the open shall be placed behind the building front setback line and not visible from the street.

Households south of Chestnut will be picked up on Wednesday.  The only exception is Diana & Simich which will be picked up on Thursday with Chestnut and all households north of Chestnut.

Holidays Affecting Pickup

2022 Dates: